OT-02-1: DERMAL Aloe Vera Gel 95% TUBE 250 ml

DERMAL Aloe Vera Gel 95%

- Production Description

Aloe wound healing effect has been well known for a long time Dermal Aloe Vera 95% Gel is effective for cell regeneration and cell proliferation and anti aging of effect as well. Meanwhile, Aloe controls lipid peroxidation action of serum and it naturally decreases occurrence rate of disease. When your skin exposes to UV rays, it can damages skin immunity function to less than 50% however, polysaccharide ingredients of aloe can bring the function of skin immunity almost back to normal.

    - Country of origin: Republic of Korea

    - Volume: 250 ml

    Collections: Beauty, DERMAL, Face, K-BEAUTY, New, Shop

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