FOODAHOLIC Essential Body Cleanser (750ml)

- 750 ml

- Made in Korea

- It containing the highly moisturizing fruit extract, it cares the tighten skin to be smooth. It cleans overly secreted sebum and sweat, and it delicate soft foam which refresh and comfort the body.


  • Olive

- For providing nutrition & soothing.

- Contains highly-moisturizing olive extract, it prevents tightening of the skin due to dryness and promotes smoother skin. 

  • Apple

- For moisturizing & soothing.

- The apple extract moisturizes dry skin. It helps to maintain clear skin. 

  • Orange

- For removing sebum & cleansing the skin pores.

- The fresh and cool orange aroma gives a fresh and vibrant feeling.

  • Grape

- For removing keratin & clear skin.

- It contains grape extract that provides moisture to the skin after shower.

  • Cherry

- For removing dead skin & soothing.

- It contains highly-moisturizing sodium hyaluronate and cherry extract.

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