Elilab Pink Pineapple Pudding Wash off Facial Mask

Elilab Pink Pineapple Pudding Wash off Facial Mask Skin Care I acne-prone Treatment

  • Super ingredient "PINEAPPLE CERAMIDES" : It helps to bright and moisturizing skin condition. It's very important ingredient for strengthening the skin barrier function and is used as a main ingredient in skin care product.
    • ACNE PRONE SKIN LOVES TO USE : 11 natural extracts including Centella asiatica extract, Tea tree leaf extract, and Green tea extract. Clay formulation with high adhesion helps deep cleansing, detoxifying wastes and toxins accumulated in pores.
    • NO MORE DRYNESS : "I was surprised that it was moist and not dry after use." A essential-item clay pack that many reviews prove. Moisturizing clay packs that were born again after several studies, discarding the general dryness of clay mask packs.
    • Sweet Pineapple Scent : Pleasant soothing care with sweet pineapple scent

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