DERMAL XILIX Horse Oil Cream

DERMAL XILIX Horse Oil Cream

- Production Description  

  • It contains horse oil (5%) from Jeju island and it applies to your skin very naturally. It also contains various effective ingredients and it helps to keep your skin more fresh and more elastic.
  • Property of horse oil is very similar with that of human's serum thus it can be absorbed by skin very well without causing irritation.
  • Its main ingredients are palmitoleic acid and ceramide which helps to keep your skin moist, soft and it helps to promote skin cell regeneration , control sun screen.
It has antibacterial function.
  • It provides dry or oily skin with a good moisture balance thus it helps to keep your skin always moist and smooth.
  • Main Ingredients : Adenosine, Niacinamide, Horse Oil (5%) from Je-ju Island

- Country of origin: Republic of Korea

- Volume: 70ml

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