DAHOGE : DABO Slimming Hot GEL Anti Cellulite Slim Body Massage Cream 200g

 DABO  Slimming Hot GEL Anti Cellulite Slim Body Massage Cream 200g

Hot Burning Perfect Body Gel Slimming Anti-Cellulite Wrap Silm Cream 200g


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Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap Burning Cream Fat Burner shower scrub exfoliate the skin  Body Slimming Hot Gel for Anti-Cellulite Attractive Silm Body Cream

This is the body hot gel to care the smooth and slim body.
It helps to make the slim body with the ingredients of collagen and the Glucosamine which provides
the lifting effect to your body.
It`s natural phyto-extracts provides the plenty of nutrition and moisture to the dried and rough skin.
Both cooling system of menthol & heating system of capsaicin at the same! The cooling system from the natural ingredients of
menthol and heating system from the capsaicin ingredients of pepper are applied to the skin and also will
give the skin resilient and smooth.


Use it as body cream. Massage on arms, waist, tummy, buttocks, thigh and leg in an upward direction
until it is absorbed. Note: Heat sensation starts approx. 15 Min after applying. Use it up to 2 times daily!
you may cover applied body areas with plastic wrap (body wrap) to enhance the effectiveness of the gel.

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