70602 : CALA Salon Manicure Set (8 pcs)

Salon Manicure Set (8 pcs)

Nail Clipper – For precise cutting.
Nail Scissors – For more controlled and customized cutting based on nail needs.
Nail Brush – For gentle cleansing and massaging of the nails.
Cuticle Pusher & Cleaner – To push back cuticles, clean dirt, and remove ridges from nails.
Cuticle Nipper – For removing unwanted/unsightly cuticles and hang nails;
For best results use when hands are wet.
Nail File – For precise shaping, and snag nail relief.
Metal Nail File – For filing and nail cleaning on the go.
4-Step Buffer – For shaping, smoothing, buffing, and polishing.

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