112060-A : OSHIAREE Aqua Water Mask ( 10 sheet)

-OSHIAREE Aqua Water Bank Mask

Product Description]

Strengthening moisture / Wrinkle improvement / Intensive elasticity / Nutrition

“Contains 10% pure Canadian glacial water for long lasting softness”
“Developed with silky textured natural cellulose sheet for better adhesive and absorbing power"
"Black sheet contained charcoal for pore care and purifying wastes in skin"

Product features
• Anti-wrinkle fuctional cosmetic approved by KFDA
• Clear and clean Canadian glacial water, patented PTMA-Oligomer Plus (antiaging cosmetic complex, patent no. 10-1252149), and natural moisturizing factor (NMF) optimizes moisture content in skin to fundamentally recover hydration for soft and smooth skin.
• Over 17 different plant extracts in wrinkle diminishing functional mask supply nourishment to skin to recover vitality in skin with insufficient active ingredients for long lasting luster.
• Natural cellulose black sheet mask with charcoal – Consisting of natural cellulose sheet developed through extraction of natural pulp, it is environmentally friendly and has exceptional elasticity and moisture retention to adhere to skin with silky texture for long lasting hydration.
In addition, it is a black mask, which contains high-quality charcoal and purifies waste materials and takes care of pores.

1. Tone skin with toner after washing and take out the Mask and spread on face for close adhesion to skin.
2. Leave on for 15 – 20 minutes and rest before removing mask.
3. After removing mask, pat any remaining essence for absorption. Any remaining essence can be applied on the body.

With consideration for the 4 weeks of skin turnover cycle, use continuously for 4 weeks for better effects.

VOLUME 25 ml

Made in South korea

    Paraben, Benzophenone, Mineral Oil, Artificial Color, and Sulfate Free

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